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When you’re looking for dog boarding kennels near you, you’re really looking for a home-away-from home. Your dog is a part of your family and deserves a caring facility with experience and a fundamental understanding of what pets require and crave. We understand that. Karnik on Black is more than just a dog boarding or cat boarding facility, we provide superior pet care for each of our boarding guests.

One of the reasons we receive so many recommendations from vets and previous customers is because we get to know you, your dog, and their individual needs. We offer a wide variety of dog boarding services to keep your dog’s stay with us a happy and comfortable one. Here at Karnik on Black, we are devoted to making your dog’s stay fun, healthy, and rewarding.

You entrust us with your pet’s safety and comfort, and because we are so committed to the care and compassion of these beloved animals in our supervision, we provide all pet parents with full access to our facility cameras. We want you to feel at total ease knowing there are absolutely no worries with the level of care your furry family members receive when they’re at our facility.

Come visit us and you’ll see why our guests are always so excited to see us over and over again!

Standard Overnight Dog Boarding

What’s Included:

8′ x 8′ Luxury Suites
12, Beautiful, “Just-Like-Home” Luxury Suites With Their Own Doggy Day Bed, Ceiling Fan, Flat Screen TV playing Animal Planet, and Private Pet Cam Access.

5′ x 8′ Deluxe Suites
30, Cage-Free Deluxe Suites w/ Accommodations Including a Raised Pet Cot for Maximum Comfort.

4′ x 6′ Classic Suites
24, Cage-Free Classic Suites w/ Accommodations Including Lambskin Wool Mat for Extreme Comfort.

Dog Boarding Activities

Whether your dog prefers playing with other dogs, playing with people, or simply likes the more laid back forms of TLC, we have something your pet will enjoy. Call us to find out more about what activities and services we provide to make your dog’s visit perfect!

” I order the one on one play sessions, gourmet treats, and bedtime story for my stay! “

” My favorite is the group play with gourmet treats! “

What To Bring

Just like kids going to summer camp, there are a few things you’ll want to bring with you. We’ve created a list of items to help you out:

  • Updated Vaccination Records
    • – DHLPP
      • Distemper
      • Hepatitis
      • Leptospirosis
      • Parainfluenza
      • Parvovirus
    • – Bordetella
    • – Rabies
    • – Negative Fecal Exam
    • – H3N2 and H3N8 Canine Influenza (Now Required)
  • Evaluation Form
    Only if your dog will be participating in our group play for the first time.

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Medications
    If your pet requires medications, please call us and let us know prior to your pet’s stay.

Optional Items

  • Toys
    You’re more than welcome to bring a toy or two.
  • Bedding
    We provide a soft, lambswool bedding for your dog to lay on and we also offer suites with raised bedding options, but you are welcome to bring a dog bed if you prefer. If you do so, it needs to be washable in a standard washer.
  • Food

    We provide food for all of our guests while they stay here. If your dog has special dietary needs, however, you are welcome to bring their own food. Simply bag and label each serving separately and we will be happy to serve it to your dog at mealtime.

* Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that toys and bedding will come back in the same condition they arrived in.

To book a boarding reservation, please call us in Waterville, Ohio or fill out our reservation request form. For details on our cat boarding, please visit our cat boarding page.

Proudly offering dog boarding services in the Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, & Waterville, Ohio areas.

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