Karnik caters to kitties!

CAT Boarding

Cozy & Comfortable

Lodging Accommodations

Choosing a home-away-from-home for your kitty is an important decision. When you go away, you want to know that your cat is in good hands, and we understand that. Karnik offers the best cat boarding service you can find.

Your cat’s standard lodging includes:

  • Delicious meals
  • Cozy lambswool bedding to lay on
  • Kitty litter box (and cleaning services)
  • Daily wellness checks


One of the reasons we receive so many recommendations is because we offer a huge variety of options to customize your cat’s stay. Whether your cat is a playful kitten at heart or a pampered prince or princess, we have activities to make your cat’s lodging stay paw-sitively purrr-fect!

” Each day I get to enjoy two play sessions, a Catch-of-the-Day dinner, and a gourmet kitty treat when I visit Karnik on Black! “

” I do three brushing and loving sessions each day…and when I’m really good, Mom orders me a Catch-of-the-Day dinner, too. Thanks, Mom! “

Which lodging activities will you choose?

We provide nearly everything your cat will need, but there are a few things you will want to bring with you. Here is a list of items to help you out:

  • – Rabies
  • – Distemper
  • – Feline Leukemia (or a negative test result)

 If your pet requires medications, please call us and let us know prior to your pet’s stay.

Optional Items

You’re more than welcome to bring a toy or two.

We provide a soft, lambswool bedding for your kitty to lay on but you are welcome to bring bedding from home, it just needs to be washable in a standard washer.

We provide food for all of our guests while they stay here. If your cat has special dietary needs, however, you are welcome to bring his or her own food and we will be happy to serve it to your cat at mealtime.

* Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that toys and bedding will come back in the same condition they arrived in.

To book a boarding reservation, please call us in Waterville, Ohio or fill out our reservation request form. For details on our dog boarding, please visit our dog boarding page.

If you’re looking for Karnik Pet Lodge in Toledo, OH or Ann Arbor, MI, please find those links here:

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