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K9 Grass

K9 Grass in all outdoor play areas!

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We are very pleased to say that all of our outdoor doggy daycare areas have K9 Grass for our pups! Our furry friends LOVE the comforts of K9Grass and our pet parents love the safety qualities and cleanliness of it even more!

If you’re not familiar with what K9Grass is, it is a turf specifically designed for dogs with a cushioned surface that is great for their paws and joints, and a textured blade structure that they love to roll over and rub their backs on. In hot weather, the temperature of K9Grass is much cooler than the surface temperature of concrete or asphalt. Also, when it’s time for dogs to do their “business,” they readily use K9Grass as a pet potty. The short, textured surface of K9Grass makes solid waste easy to identify and quickly remove, while the superior drainage present in K9Grass allows for quick and effective rinsing of the residual waste when compared with conventional AstroTurf or soil. This combined with the prompt removal of waste and urine helps to dramatically keep odors and bacteria under control. K9Grass also has antimicrobial agents which increase the cleanliness and safety of the pet environment, maintaining the health of both our guests, and the Karnik staff.

To learn even more about K9Grass, please visit the K9Grass website.

Proudly offering dog daycare in the Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, & Waterville, Ohio areas.

If you’re looking to sign up for dog daycare at Karnik Pet Lodge in Toledo, OH or Ann Arbor, MI, please do so here:
Karnik Pet Lodge Dog Daycare

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